Open Data , Data Visualization and Analysis: Making sense of it!

Open data is information that is released by organizations to the public in datasets, data sets, if you can recall is a collection of factual information in electronic form. This allows for and support the Freedom of Information (FOI) and it increases transparency, as A. Rae 2004, posits, ‘open data has increased transparency, improved access to information and helped places begin to understand and solve problems.’ However, this data should be presented in such a way that anyone can interpret what is being presented.

What is Data Visualization? Data visualization is a general term that describes any effect to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context, in short, it is visual representation of data that goes beyond the standard charts and graphs commonly used in Excel spreadsheets, today’s data visualization tools displays data in a more enhanced and sophisticated way such as heat maps, bar, pie and fever charts among others.

This was illustrated in one of our DITA sessions where TAGS were created for #citylis top twitters and data visualization of the results were presented. The data revealed here was very amazing!

Data analysis is the process of discovering and understanding the meaning of data that is presented to us, it is making sense of the information, hence, data visualization is a core and usually essential means to perform data analysis in an effective way.