Information Architecture

So i’m sitting in front of the PC, starting at the blank screen, thinking…come on Clyden, you have to type something that makes sense!. Moments like these (if you ever find yourself in a similar position) don’t dare glance over at your neighbour who is pounding away at his/her keyboard making writing a “Blog” appear so easy,  if not you would end up wishing you were in the wrong class. Yes, so now that i have made my anxiety about writing a blog page and posts clear, i would now attempt to share my first exposure to the world of  Digital Information Technologies & Architecture.

What exactly is Information Architecture? Well from my understanding IA cannot be summed up in a single phrase, however for this page i will define as follows and please feel free to correct or add to this because as i indicated this is my simple interpretation…here goes: IA have to do with the creation of a structure that organizes information, hence, making it accessible to users in what appears to be a user’s friendly environment, and of course before i got to that understanding i was asking myself..Isn’t that what the Web developer does? Yes! i was that naive. However, now i can be proudly inform you that the role of a web developer is different because the web developer builds the website using specific languages such as Javascript, XML, HTML etc, while on the other hand, IA deals with what goes where, that is, keeping information carefully organised and labeled, thus making navigation on a web site easy.

The first session made me recognized the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web (www), a web page and a web site, and further enhanced by knowledge base by learning about databases, document structures, character encoding, bytes and bits and of course, blogging!!…until next time..chao.





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