Web services and API’s !!!

Thanks to API’s and web services we can now embed a video or anything that we wish to see displayed on our web page. But what exactly is API and how does it work for us? what is web service? below is my understanding on the API and web services.

Application Programming Interface (API) allows access to systems’ functionality without involving the consumer/user, the API allows a software to communicate with a remote application over the internet through a series of ‘call’. ( in short it allows other application to communicate with it) The call back between applications are managed by web services. Web service is a way of transferring information over the internet using Extensible Markup Language (XML) which is primarily aimed to be read by machines only. It should be noted that XML describe the content of a document while HTML provides instructions about the structure of a document.

One common example of API at work is the simple process of cut and paste from one Microsoft document to another.API’s are crafted to expose chosen functionality and/ or data while at the same time safeguarding other parts of the application which provides for the interface.

API’s along with JavaScript allow us to embed video, maps etc into the web page, for example Google map as shown below:

Isn’t the world of Technology amazing!!


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