Information Retrieval & Databases

I’m now beginning to get a hang of signing into wordpress and sharing what i’ve leaned, however limited this may appear to the readers…lol…this is purely work in progress…thanks to Ernesto..

Here is a very simplistic explanation of Information retrieval and databases is given, drawing from the readings of Bawden & Robinson (2012) and my classroom learning.

Information retrieval may be interpreted as the way in which information resources are obtained and are relevant to your information needs from a collection of stored data. The data may be either Unstructured or Semi-Structured data. Unstructured data usually refers to information that is not presented in a row-column database, examples of unstructured data includes text and multi-media content i.e, photos, email messages, videos etc. Whereas Semi-Structured data is a combination of structured and unstructured data and tags are used to identify certain elements within the data, there is no rigid structure.

I cannot write about information retrieval without making mention of data retrieval, Data retrieval is a means of obtaining  data from a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), here, data is presented in a structured way and usually requires  Structured Query Language (SQL). Important to note that with RDBMS there is no repetition or duplication of  information.


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